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5/F Shaukeiwan Jockey Club Clinic,
8 Chai Wan Road,
Shaukeiwan, Hong Kong

AIDS Helpline: (852) 2513-0513 (available for appointment of testing )
For service hours of AIDS Helpline, please click the link.
Fax: (852) 2560-4154


AIDS Mailbox

The AIDS Mailbox was set up to answer enquiries related to HIV/AIDS. Before using our service, please note the following:
1. We are not medical practitioners and the information and preliminary risk assessment of HIV infection we provide here are for reference only. The Foundation will NOT be liable for any claim, loss or damage as a result of errors, omissions, or misstatements (whether expressed or implied).
2. All submissions are voluntary and the e-mail senders have the sole responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of the words and information sent.
3. All personal information provided by users to the Foundation will be kept strictly confidential.
4. It will take some time for us to reply your enquiries. If you have any questions about HIV/AIDS, you are also welcome to call our AIDS Helpline: 2513-0513.

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