Volunteer Service

The Foundation has been providing different opportunities for the general public to join as volunteers to fight against HIV/AIDS.


Volunteer Services include:

The AIDS helpline serves to answer enquiries on HIV/AIDS from the public and make appointments for voluntary HIV counselling and testing service for those in need. A professional counselling service will be provided for callers with high anxiety immediately, in order to relieve their stress.

Volunteers help to answer enquiries related to HIV/AIDS received by the AIDS Mailbox and also provide an internet outreach service at some popular websites in a bid to tackle the problem of the public’s misconceptions about HIV.

This service needs volunteers with medical or counselling background.

People living with or affected by HIV always need care and support from others, in both their daily lives and for their emotional condition. Volunteers provide supportive services for them, such as home and hospital visits, escort service and peer counselling, after completion of volunteer training.

Preventive education is essential to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS. Based on the distinctive characteristics of various vulnerable communities, the Foundation has worked with volunteers to organize different tailor-made events to promote AIDS prevention and the message of care and support for PLHIV.

Promotion and Education Team
The Promotion and Education Team (PET) was established in 1999 and regularly holds exhibitions and interactive events in various communities such as shopping malls around Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories in order to increase public awareness on HIV/AIDS.

Education service for various vulnerable communities
The Foundation has been providing an education service for populations with higher risk of HIV infection including men who have sex with men (MSM) and cross-border travellers. In addition, volunteers will help promote the knowledge of HIV/AIDS and sexual health in various community spots such as different MSM’s hang-out places, our outreach centers, as well as on the internet through the distribution of promotional materials and e-flyers etc.

We need volunteers to assist with logistics work and distribution of educational materials in various fundraising and public relation events.

We need volunteers to assist with multiple administrative works including logistic, design , editing , translation and general office administration chores.

The Director of Social Welfare Department has approved The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation to organize flag sale activities  on Hong Kong Island on Saturday, September 4, 2021. Click “here” for Volunteer online application.

Interested in joining us as volunteer?
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Simply complete the volunteer recruitment form and return to us via Fax (2560 4154), email (hkaf@hkaf.com) or mail (5/F Shaukeiwan Jockey Club Clinic, 8 Chai Wan Road, Shaukeiwan,Hong Kong). Our staff will contact you with the details of training and service arrangement as soon as possible.

If you have any enquires, please feel free to contact our staff for more details.
(Tel: 2513-0513; email: hkaf@hkaf.com)

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