The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation (“HKAF”) has expressed concern over the cumulative number of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (“HIV”) infections hitting 7,718 in 2015, as reported by the Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health. The figure represents an increase of 11% compared with the same period last year.

To tackle the rising trend of HIV infection among the younger age group, HKAF joins hands with the LGBT concerned groups of the local tertiary institutions to organise activities and workshops in campuses, covering various topics on sexual diversity, love and sexual relationship, self-efficacy and negotiation skills for safe sex, as well as sexual health and prevention of HIV, reaching over 2,200 tertiary students.

Ms. Maple Lau, Deputy Director (Programmes) of the Foundation, said, “Among the tertiary students we have reached, the majority of them hold an open attitude towards sexual diversity. However, they have relatively limited knowledge on sexual health and safe sex practice. It is therefore crucial for us to bring in discussion and sharing on responsible sexual attitude and the needs of reducing risks for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases infection with the students.”

The Foundation held 30 group activities and workshops with 5 local tertiary institutions, reaching over 2,200 students in this school term and distributed more than 2,000 condoms and safer sex information kits in the campuses. Following the trend of using smart phone by young people, the Foundation has set up a mobile application LINE (ID: hivtesting) for them to obtain information on HIV prevention.

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