18 Gifts, the Silver Sponsor of the Foundation’s Flag Day, believes all people in society, regardless of gender, races, sexual orientation and physically handicapped / able-bodied, etc., have equal rights to have sex.

18 Gifts was established in 2013 with an objective: To inculcate the public with the right attitude in face of their physical needs through provision of various quality sex products; while the Foundation devotes great efforts to enhancing public awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and the importance of safe sex.

With collective efforts of our society on education work, our society must surmount the stumbling block of discrimination and stigmatization at last, and build the caring and inclusive community together. The Foundation and 18 Gifts will continue to contribute to society, convey the right messages, and enlighten the value of open-mindedness and diversity for general public.

We express our gratitude to 18 Gifts for generous support!

Please surf on the website of 18 Gifts to learn more: https://bit.ly/2B9QkiO

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