Please read our Chief Executive’s movie review of Suk Suk and win the prize of 2 movie vouchers. And of course, never stop caring for the mature men who have sex with men (MSM)!


“Thanks” to the COVID-19 pandemic, we currently aren’t able to visit cinemas. On a regular day back in May, however, I managed to watch a beautifully-made romantic movie named “Suk Suk.”

Beyond sexuality, beyond age and gender, the attraction of this movie is its charm and unique yet poignant storyline.

One of the greatest aspects of the movie is probably the casting. We’d never have expected Tai Po (the actor’s name) to be cast as the protagonist. Yet, his terrific performance secured him a number of major accolades in acting. Suk Suk to him means another peak in his acting career. To the audience, the unprecedented ensemble cast also gave us a big surprise – who would imagine both of these straight male actors would have been cast and ultimately deliver an A-grade acting performance? The fact is, in Hollywood, there are a lot of voices saying that all LGBTQ roles should be taken only by LGTBQ actors. In Hong Kong, as I have asked the director, Ray, the answer may be a bit different. He might see whether or not the actor suits the character in terms of his/her temperament, acting skills, budgets, his/her qualities, and other attributes, but not solely his/her own sexual orientation. In other words, to the creator, sexuality is not the only thing to consider. Indeed, his perspective has proved him right – Tai Po has successfully shown that he is a professional actor and his involvement means so much for the movie. Besides the amazing cinematography, the uniqueness of this movie is indeed Tai Po, the leading man. All of his conflicting, complex emotions towards his wife, his family, and lover (performed by Yuen Fu Wah, “Ah Hoi” in the movie) were accurately yet poignantly conveyed through his subtle facial expressions. This was one of the most terrific performances I’ve seen in recent years. Tai Po’s performance is top-notch as is Ray’s directing and scriptwriting.

For sure, Suk Suk is the best movie (note: not one of) in the year of 2020. In a bid to show our genuine appreciation for the remarkable performance by the actors and the quality of this movie, the Foundation will give away a number of movie vouchers.

— Eris Lau, Chief Executive

Rules of Giveaway
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^ The Foundation will present the prize of 2 movie vouchers of Suk Suk to each awardee, and the awardees will be selected through lucky draw.
# The awardee list will be announced as soon as possible, and the decision of the Foundation shall be final.

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