Our Chief Executive, Eris Lau, participated in an interview with Ms. Annalie Chow from the Saturday Squad show last Saturday morning (i.e. 9 November 2019).

Eris shared objective, fun facts, and updates regarding the upcoming annual Charity Run which is scheduled to be held at Sunny Bay Promenade on December 1, 2019. This year, according to Eris, is a breakthrough for the Foundation as we are combining the traditional World AIDS Day memorial with the Charity Run into one big event not only using the Run to invite race participants from all walks of life to understand more and respect people living with HIV, but to also use this meaningful outdoor activity to invite all to observe WAD in a more positive light. World AIDS Day historically has been purely a remembrance to those who have died of AIDS but nowadays, especially in the last two decades, becoming HIV positive is not a death sentence and those who contract the disease can enjoy a high quality of life if they stay healthy and are determined in their good drug compliance. Being or living with HIV is no longer an immediate threat to life but is now considered a chronic disease. Putting stigmatization on People Living with HIV (PLHIV) is therefore not warranted and if people insist on doing so, it is simply out of ignorance or hate.

Eris also reminded all of us that we should take regular HIV tests if we have worries about our health status and/or have engaged in any high-risk behavior. But bear in mind that an HIV test cannot be immediately conducted until around 90 days after the fact as the body will need time to produce enough antibodies to fight the virus.

This is because the antibody test is designed to look for antibodies in the blood or oral fluid in order to determine whether or not the tester has been infected. Moreover, please also keep in mind that during the window period (90 days as mentioned) the HIV virus can be transmitted to others during any episodes of unsafe sexual behavior. So ensure you abstain from such activities and protect your partner(s) from being exposed to HIV.

Simply download the RTHK Mine app to hear the entire interview; or visit the website of RTHK at https://www.rthk.hk/…/prog…/saturday_squad/episode/605688and review the interview session of Ms. Eris Lau.

And don’t forget, The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation Charity Run is set to be held on December 1, 2019, to coincide with the annual World AIDS Day at Sunny Bay Promenade. We are still accepting applications so feel free to contact our staff at 3590 2208 for any details concerning the race.