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When it comes to appreciating pieces of literature or film, everyone does have their interpretations. Readers would usually fall victim to Roland Barthes’s “The Death of the Author”, and not be able to understand the true side of the pieces.

The Foundation will hold the e-workshop “Suk Suk Director’s Guide: Ray Yeung brings you the world of Suk Suk” via Facebook Live on 30 May 2020 (Saturday) from 2:00p.m.—3:00p.m. Mr. Ray Yeung, director of “Suk Suk” and Mr. Siuyea Lo, actor, will guide you to appreciate the movie and explore the inner side of “Suk Suk” through the perspectives of director and actor.


– Movie Trailer of Suk Suk

– Reason for Filming this Decentralized Topic

– Sharing Session: Background, Experience and Process

– Director’s Guide: Angles to Appreciate Suk Suk

– Thoughts and the Unforgettable

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For any inquiries, please contact Tim at 5112 4476 through WhatsApp.